Our Company


OAO is a leading provider of white-glove ad operations services for online publishers.

Working with OAO enables our clients to streamline and improve their overall ad operations function, resulting in greater revenue recognition for their business.

When OAO opened its doors in October 2003, we were a small team of ad traffickers providing standard services such as trafficking, reporting, and inventory forecasting. Over the years, we have expanded our catalog of services as the industry has evolved. Today, we are a full-service ad operations agency designed to meet the needs of publishers of all sizes and operations complexity.

OAO provides ad operations support at multiple levels. This includes basic services, ranging from campaign management and reporting to advanced services that involve working across standard and programmatic platforms. OAO has expertise in managing ad server migrations and designing ad tagging architectures. We can be counted on to act as your full service ad ops team or serve as a complement to your in-house team, filling in any skill gaps that exist.


What would we want if we were the publisher?

  • I want to feel like my team is fully integrated into my business.
  • I want my team to work seamlessly with my business so I feel as if they’re employees and not a traditional outsourced solution.
  • I want to know everyone on my team.
  • I want to feel like my team knows my business just as well as my employees do.
  • Outsourcing will allow my company the luxury of not having to worry about staffing, managing, training or turnover of ad operations employees.
  • My team should be fully knowledgeable about current industry trends and technologies.

What would we want if we were the employee?

Growth Potential

We encourage and empower our employees to learn as much as possible about the ad ops field and all the nuances that go with it. As employees become more skilled and experienced, they are offered opportunities for advancing into other roles within OAO, such as people management, technical services, code development and more.

Exposure to various technologies

We work with a wide variety of ad technologies and platforms, whereas many publishers only work with one or a few. From standard display to mobile video to order management systems, our teams work with best of breed ad technologies that continue to shape and revolutionize our industry.

Job Satisfaction

We are an ad ops company run by experienced ad ops professionals. Our employees are the heart and soul of our organization and we make it a point to provide them with the proper resources to help them learn, grow and succeed at OAO. We are proponents of a healthy work/life balance and we believe strongly in a team-based, cross-functional approach to ad operations.