One thing that’s always been a time consuming and complicated item for publishers to deal with is maximizing revenue of unsold inventory.  Publishers can sometimes spend months trying to close deals with advertisers, and if they can’t sell out their site they’re stuck figuring out how to generate revenue for their unsold inventory.  Making matters even tougher is that there are literally hundreds of companies out there that can fill unsold inventory, all of which supposedly have the “ideal solution.”  Publishers are bombarded by dozens of calls a month from these companies. And while each of these solutions may have a certain amount of merit, the industry has yet to find one that can perform better than the rest of the bunch.  Each publisher is different and each solution is different, which makes deciding on which provider(s) to work with an extremely difficult process.

Moreover, while it’s a sales team’s responsibility to fill unsold inventory, it typically falls on ad ops to vet potential solutions providers.  Ad ops needs to understand how to work with the solution, and a good ad ops team will ask all of the important questions that sales might not be thinking about.


We’ve vetted and continue to evaluate a wide variety of potential partners, selected ones we’ve deemed to be the best fit, and compiled them into the OAO Alpha tag. Partners range from networks to aggregators, to agency buying systems to ad exchanges, and even to publisher ad sales rep firms.

We’ve spent years building up our top tier, premium client roster, and new opportunities have continued to arise as a result of it. Our high level of service, dedication to our clients, and strong work ethic has allowed us to maintain strong publisher relationships and expand on them. OAO Alpha is a solution that will help our clients maximize revenue in their unsold inventory pool in an efficient and cost-effective manner.