Outsourced Ad Ops Selected As DoubleClick Certified Services Provider

Outsourced Ad Ops (OAO), a leading provider of around-the-clock online ad management services, has been selected by Google as one of their DoubleClick Certified Services Providers.

Google selected OAO as a partner due to our strong reputation, extensive experience with all DoubleClick products, and unmatched quality of service our clients receive from our experienced staff of ad operations professionals.

Some of the services which OAO performs regarding Google’s DoubleClick products are as follows:

  • Ad Tag Taxonomy
  • Ad Tag Creation
  • Assist with Implementation of Ad Tags
  • Ad Campaign Trafficking
  • Testing and Q/A Services
  • Technical Support
  • Site and Ad Campaign Reporting
  • Month End Summary Reporting
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Insertion Order Design
  • Custom Report Generation and Development
  • Strategic Planning Services

OAO’s offices are located in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Denver. Our strong ad ops teams operate in concert across all of our locations utilizing our highly efficient process, resulting in increased revenue recognition for our clients. If you’d like to speak with us about a potential relationship, please submit an inquiry on our contact us page or email us at sales@adops.com.