OAO and AdMonsters: Programmatic is far from Automatic

It Ain’t Automatic:  The Manual Side of Programmatic

Ask someone to explain what “programmatic” is and they will invariably use the word “automation.” Makes sense, but automation for whom? For buyers, programmatic platforms certainly automate the purchasing of media across sites. For sellers, programmatic brings hundreds if not thousands of buyers their way without sales having to pick up the phone.

But let’s not forget that much of programmatic is not automatic yet. Operations is still left holding the bag with a number of manual tasks in this not-quite-automated process.

I asked Craig Leshen, President of OAO for his thoughts on the matter: “At OAO, each of our clients have specific rules and requirements for managing monetization. There’s no ‘one-system-to-rule-them-all,’ which works perfectly and achieves 100% fill at the desired CPM level. Therefore publishers may elect to utilize a variety of monetization partners to help fill unsold inventory across multiple platforms (desktop, mobile, web, mobile apps, etc).  Each monetization partner has their own system, which requires time for the publisher’s ad ops team to learn and then manage on a daily basis.

“To help illustrate just how far from automatic programmatic actually is, we decided to create an infographic outlining the monetization management responsibilities handled by ad ops on an ongoing basis.”

You can read the full article here:  https://www.admonsters.com/blog/it-aint-automatic-manual-side-programmatic

You can also learn more about Managing Monetization here:  http://adops.com/managing-monetization/

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