OAO Email Ad Code (EAC)

On October 1st, 2017 DFP moved to using downloaded impressions as their standard impression counting method. When this announcement was made, we began receiving calls from many of our DFP clients asking for assistance with finding solutions to track impressions and clicks in their newsletters, as ads served via a simple Google Publisher Tag (GPT) would no longer track impressions and clicks.

We decided to put our developer hats on, and we’re excited to announce the launch of our new product: OAO EAC (“Email Ad Code” -- project code name:
“AdSugar”). OAO EAC is a hybrid server-side click and impression tracking mechanism to supplement non-javascript supported environments for serving ads through DFP. Simply stated, OAO EAC empowers publishers to continue using DFP for trafficking and reporting on ads served into their newsletters.



By leveraging the DFP API and our proprietary technology, OAO EAC  creates an interaction layer whereby DFP is updated with clicks and impressions from newsletters. Click and impression reporting will show up in DFP's unaltered reporting and will soon be available in the iAdOps UI.

Implementation of OAO EAC is simple, and looks very similar to the legacy DFP noscript implementations. Here's a basic diagram of how it works: